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RESEARCH WORK Resource – saving ways of management solutions efficiency increasing in agricultural enterprises


RESEARCH WORK Resource – saving ways of management solutions efficiency increasing in agricultural enterprises

Actuality of the research. Creation of conditions of effective and dynamical transition to market relations is one of the most actual problems of modern economic development of Ukraine. Thus reorganization of excessive forms of concentration and production monopolization, perfection of organizational formations and structural parities, revision of out-of-date economic ties and management methods is essential.

In these conditions the special sharpness has the necessity of enterprise activity, activity of the enterprises and the organizations, directed on the consumer and the final result – profit.

The practical decision of the problems connected with necessity of maintenance of normal work of the enterprise not only today, but also in the long term, depends on development degree of strategies and methods of administrative decisions making. The given question acquires the special importance in the conditions of instability of production and its recession. The price of the economic decisions, which are made, sharply increases. Often the existence of firm depends on that, how economically competently decisions are made.

The market economy forms new requests to the enterprise. They are characterized not only by competitiveness and the high quality standards of the goods, but also by necessity to react flexibly to changes in market and industrial situations.

The success of the enterprise in many respects depends on ability of the PMD (the persons, making the decision) to expect possible situations, and on the basis of correctly accepted decisions to plan effectively the nomenclature and volume of production, the investment and profit.

The serious contribution to question development on technology of process of preparation, making and realization of competitive administrative decisions was introduced by such scientists, as V. A.Bespalov, A. E.Saak, V. N.Tyushnakov, V. S.Yunayeva and the number of other economic researchers.

The goal and tasks of the research.

· possibility of the decision fulfillment with the use of present control system and developed conditions in company, firm, environment

· to Increase level of readiness of firm personnel to decision-making and planning of its preparation

· availability of resources for realization of the accepted decisions, possibility of their estimation, forecasting of situation development

· complete system of factors, increasing efficiency of decision-making and their purposeful account in strategic and tactical management

Object of research: Agroindustrial and organizational & legal formations of Autonomous republic Crimea are object of research. In particular – the management processes occurring in these enterprises.

The subject of the research Is the theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of improvement of the mechanism of management solutions in different agricultural enterprises.

Methods of the research. The systematic method, comparative and factor analysis methods, extrapolation, graphic and grouping methods are used in the analytical part of the paper. Extraordinary character of the particular phenomena caused the necessity of observation and indirect analysis methods. The methods of interpolation, perspective analysis and that of analogy prevail in the prognosis part.

The research information basis. Materials of the statistical reporting of the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine, Chief Administration of Statistics in the Crimean Autonomous Republic, the author’s analytical evaluation made during the research serve as the research information basis.

The research scientific novelty Is defined by the fact that never before multi-measured structuring of the mass of commodities has been applied in external goods turnover. Moreover, specific properties of the added value which makes up the basis of the new approaches to strengthening export-oriented production with regard to ex-territorial character of the modern market processes at the market and geopolitical shifts are proved in the dissertation for the first time.

The basic scheme of the factors-of-production influence upon the export volume is considered in Part 1 «The Decisions in the System of Business Management» theoretical bases of managerial decisions are considered, concepts «quality» and «functions of managerial decisions» are given, methods and methodology of decisions efficiency definition are revealed.

In Part 2 «Social and Economic Development of Argo-industrial Complex of Crimea and Efficiency of Managerial Decisions» displays the efficiency of the managerial Decisions in organizational and legal formations of the Autonomous Republic Crimea. Managerial decisions quality estimation alongside with the integral definition of resulting efficiency of managerial decisions are given.

In Part 3 «The First-Priority Ways to increase Competition Ability, Efficiency and Resource-Saving Parameters of Managerial Decisions», the ways to increase competition ability and efficiency of the Managerial decisions will be developed. The further development of the Organizational and Managerial mechanism of problem solving will be proposed, and scientific principles of the Managerial decision-making will be given.